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FOREHAND: Very dependable; uses speed and spin effectively; controls depth well; tends to overhit on difficult shots; offensive on moderate shots(4.5)
BACKHAND: Hitting with directional control on moderate shots; has difficulty on high or hard shots; returns difficult shot defensively (3.5)
SERVE/RETURN OF SERVE: Starting to serve with control and some power; developing spin; can return serve consistently with directional control on moderate shots (3.5)
VOLLEY: More aggressive net play; some ability to cover side shots; uses proper footwork; can direct FH volleys; controls BH volley but with little offense; difficulty in putting volleys away(3.5)
SPECIAL SHOTS: Approach shots hit with good depth and control (4.5) Can put away easy overheads; can poach in doubles; follows aggressive shots to the net; beginning to finish point off; can hit to opponent's weaknesses; able to lob defensively on setups; (4.0) can place the return of most second serves (3.5)
PLAYING STYLE: Consistency on moderate shots with directional control; improved court coverage; starting to look for the opportunity to come to the net; developing teamwork in doubles (3.5)

FOREHAND: Strong shot with control, depth, and spin; uses FH to set up offensive situations; has developed good touch; consistent on passing shots
BACKHAND: Can use BH as an aggressive shot with good consistency; has good direction and depth on most shots; varies spin
SERVE/RETURN OF SERVE: Serve is placed effectively with the intent of hitting to a weakness or developing an offensive situation; has a variety of serves to rely on; good depth, spin, and placement on most second serves to force weak return or set up next shot; can mix aggressive and off-paced service returns with control, depth, and spin
VOLLEY: Can hit most volleys with depth, pace, and direction; plays difficult volleys with depth; given opportunity, volley is often hit for a winner
SPECIAL SHOTS: Approach shots and passing shots are hit with pace and a high degree of effectiveness; can lob offensively; overhead can be hit from any position; hits mid-court volley with consistency; can mix aggressive and off-paced service returns
PLAYING STYLE: Frequently has an outstanding shot or attribute around which his game is built; can vary game plan according to opponent; this player is 'match wise,' plays percentage tennis, and 'beats himself' less than the 4.5 player; solid teamwork in doubles is evident
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6:31am-3:30pm: Wake up, School, Transportation included
3:31pm-6:00pm: Tennis
6:01pm-7:00pm: Dinner, Shower, Meetings (extend to 8:00)
7:01pm-8:00pm: Free Time
8:01pm-10:30pm: Homework
10:31pm-6:30am: Sleep

Above is my schedule for, at the very least, this tennis season. This year was quite unexpected. Normally, juniors are not allowed to be on Junior Varsity and have to aim for Varsity. Throughout tryouts this past week, I had the nagging suspicion that I was not going to make it. After making through the first cut, the last day was a mix of good and bad. I decided it was time to form a stricter schedule regardless of the results because I either didn't make it to Varsity or I made it by the skin of my teeth and should follow a more disciplined schedule anyway. It ended up between the two. I didn't make it onto varsity but my old coach asked me to join JV again to give help guide the new freshman on the team. Apparently, juniors in JV Men's Tennis is rare so I am quite satisfied; however, if I hope to make it on next year, then this year will have to be full of hard work, both in school and in sports. If follow this schedule (which is a slightly edited version of one I had last year) then I should be able to pull it off.

Homework Checklist:
1. Honors Trig Hw
2. History Hw
3. French Hw
4. Biology Labs
5. Statistics Hw
6. English Hw
7. Biology Study
8. Statistics Study
9. French Review
10. AP Statistics Barrons
11. PR French SAT II
12. Calculus CD
13. Productive Reading
14. Creative Writing
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Saying Sorry- Hawthorne Heights
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Where is inspiration? Where is discipline? Where is passion?
Where is resolve?
Sometimes, it's best to just go wild.
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-I saw those ships smashed on the rocks. How can this be?
-We saw but a fraction of the monster that is Xerxes' army.
-There can be no victory here... why do you smile?
-Arcadian, I've fought countless times, yet I've never met an adversary who could offer me what we Spartans call "A Beautiful Death." I can only hope, with all the world's warriors gathered against us, there might be one down there who's up to the task.
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He leaned back against the grass, trying to pick out the star she was nearest to right now, perhaps Rigel or Alnilam. He flipped out his cell phone, scanning the unsent messages he typed up over the years. He typed out a new note, just four words long: "Goodbye, I love you," and hit send.
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